Power of Metal.dk Review

Corrupting Influence
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 24 February, 2014
Playing time: 46:32

More or less everything thrash metal fans need is right here. It's very good. Not the most original in that it follows a very solid thrash formula, but being thrash metal it has to. It needs speed, aggression, as well as heavy, evil sounding lyrics and blinding guitar solos. It has all of that. Drummers in thrash bands may as well have bass pedals surgically attached to their feet, but the drums are not loud enough in my view.

So, the formula being correct, the production could be a little better. I think there is such a thing as sounding 'too' raw though many disagree, thinking that anything in thrash that isn't 'raw' is too polished. Could have turned the vocals down just a touch in places and given the drums a bit more level, all I'm saying.

The chugging riffs are not the most memorable but there is more of an emphasis on bass than is typical of thrash so that's quite refreshing. I very much enjoyed the freedom the bass player has been given for the intricate fills that pop up throughout the album. A very good touch. Lyrically speaking there is just the right kind of voice - hinting of growling but not so the lyrics can't be enjoyed.

Rock solid thrash metal. It's like the ingredients are the same used by bands like Kreator and Testament, but the cake tastes differently and you will still really like it.

01. Sledgehammer
Down the Drain
Hold My Breath
Toxic Experiment
Lies Upon Lies
Grave Raiser
Sentenced for Life
Bad Blood
11. Corrupting Influence
Label: Punishment 18 Recors
Distribution: Code 7
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 12 March, 2014
Website: Prematory @ Facebook