Power of Metal.dk Review

Nap Fele Néz
Style: Progressive Extreme Metal from Deep Space
Release date: 13 July, 2014
Playing time: 55:33

Neokhrome delivered two years ago a magnificent self-produced 'Perihelion' (See the review and its deserved 90% rating here). The Hungarian quartet has decided to change its name to... Perihelion. I liked the former patronymic New Color but I agree with Vasvári Gyula when he says that Perihelion truly reflects the world created with the band's music.

Supported now by US labels Black Plague Records and Metallic Media, 'Perihelion' is reissued with the EP 'Nap Fele Néz' ('Faces the Sun') recorded in January 2014. This EP has a kind of nice folk touch, melodic, full of conviction, with a clear but strong voice. This feeling is strengthened by the choice of their mother tongue for the lyrics and of a cover song from the cult 'shaman punk' band VHK.

Be genuine! Singing in Hungarian here, and more generally in your own language, is a simple idea I really like: Trust did it (remember 'Antisocial'), Dimmu Borgir used to do it (remember 'Stormblĺst'), and of course: Ihr wollt doch auch das Blut vom Degen lecken! Rammstein! And I should do it too... I mean... Je devrais le faire aussi...

Space Ethno Metal or something? Whatever. The band's style is like the universe, always in motion. Do not miss a second chance to discover a great record, enhanced by an EP which is much more than a bunch of bonus tracks.


01. Aurea
02. Stellar Outcast
03. Starborn
04. Crystallized
05. Closer to the Sun
06. Rise above the Ridge
07. Cosmic Grave
08. Through the Surface
09. Cold Ashes of Vanished Time

Nap Fele Néz EP:
10. Nap Fele Néz
11. Élj
12. Verőfény (VHK cover)

Label: Metallic Media - Black Plague Records
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 18 September, 2014
Website: Perihelion @ Bandcamp