Power of Metal.dk Review

One Machine
The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth
Style: Power Thrash Metal
Release date: 17 February, 2014
Playing time: 53:50

This can be seen as the project of Steve Smyth, known guitar player in Testament, Forbidden, Nevermore and Vicious Rumors. Not a bad curriculum if you ask me. That made me really curious and I did expect a lot from this band. Also because on vocals we hear former Mercenary member Mikkel Sandager and the other members have band names like Chaoswave, Mnemic and Biomechanical in their background.

After the first song I was very disappointed because it all sounds so over the top. There is too much going on and the mix of the album is not good. It all sounds a bit chaotic and I couldn't put a finger on the songs. The musicians know their job, the guitarsoli are melodic, the riffs are aggressive, but the vocals.... What Mikkel is doing on parts of this album is just not good. He exaggerates in the higher regions and overshouts himself. His clean normal singing sounds good on the other hand.

The music is rather technical and can be discribed as a mix of Nevermore and Mercenary, a power metal and thrash metal combination. Another band that they remind me a lot of is Charred Walls of the Damned, if you dig that band, you will have no problem with this album I guess. On the next album there are 2 big things that need to be changed, the over the top singing and the mixing. For me this album is a little disappointment, it could have been so much better.

01. The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth
Crossed Over
Kill the Hope Inside
Armchair Warriors
One Machine
Into Nothing
Evict the Enemy
Last Star Alights
Freedom and Pain
Label: Scarlet Records
Distribution: Scarlet Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 14 February, 2014
Website: www.feedtheonemachine.com