Power of Metal.dk Review

Omega Crom
Beyond Control
Style: Progressive shred/thrash/power Metal
Release date: 8 August, 2014
Playing time: 60:00

For me an unknown band hailing from Vancouver B.C. and with already a debut album called 'Blood, Steel & Fire' (2009) in their pocket. A three piece band consisting of Johnny Ketlo (guitar/lead vocals), Sylvain Maltais (bass/backing vocals) and Colin Furness (drums/backing vocals). Some guest vocals are from Celine Derval. The first scream put me on the wrong foot immediately; very high and false and my toes started to curl. I hope that he doesn't sing too much in the high regions and fortunately he doesn't on the rest of the album besides a few times.

To put in more aggression you hear a raw grunting voice several times for example in the second track "Power Soul" and then the band really is at its best. The normal singing parts are o.k. and that makes the songs very listenable. The music is a mix of thrash, speed metal and aggressive power metal. You have to like the several singing styles used and there are quite some nice shredding parts like in the third track "Unwanted Hell". The progressive part in their music is the variation of styles and how they melt these styles together. At times I loose track of the complete picture and then a single song sounds a bit incoherent. "Chaos Theory" is a softer song starting as a ballad with female vocals of Celine Derval combined with Johnny's. The old school speed metal is back with "Infiltrating the System" although the slowing down part isn't very pleasant to listen to. "Shattered Illusions of Reality" starts with a Maiden-like rhytmn and twin soli and turns into an average power metal track. In "Of Past and Present" you hear that Iced Earth is one of their influences, although they have not yet the same quality.

All in all this isn't a bad album and there's a lot of potential, but they have to emerge the different styles used more and increase their song-writing skills. Nevertheless my opinion about them got more positve listening to the entire album and that after the first irritating scream... please don't do that again on the next one...

01. Sundering Blades
Power Soul
Unwanted Hell
Chaos Theory
Infiltrating the System
Blood Red Moon
Shattered Illusions of Reality
Of Past and Present
09. Brains All Over the Floor
10. Land of Never Was
Label: Independent
Distribution: www.metalrevelation.com
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 14 August, 2014
Website: www.omegacrom.com