Power of Metal.dk Review

Octopie EP
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 30 May, 2013
Playing time: 26:36

What a quirky little EP! Finland's Octopie is band with daring and courage. Their new EP is a follow-up to their debut album, and I have to admit that it is quite tasty in many different ways, one of them being how different and fresh it sounds. Octopie have personality to spare, and it comes through clearly on this EP.

The band plays an interesting form of prog rock which sounds like a mix of classic rock and symphonic prog. On one hand, they have a very classic rock sound to their guitars, and the bassy grooves they induce, but, on the other hand, they use flute and keys very well, too. The flute is even a mainstay instrument in the first song, and not just a novelty. Thus, the flute can be found in solos, but also in the middle of the instrumentals, just like the guitars. This, honestly, is what really drew my attention. To hear flute used in such a way is just awesome, but to hear flute used this way and actually be masterfully written and beautiful---that is something special.

Tom Tamlander on vocals also sounds very much like 70s rock singers. Not just his tone, mind you, but also his vocal melodies. He forms such a whimsical accompaniment to the music that I start feeling nostalgic for some Hendrix or The Doors. These tones are certainly in there, but Octopie is no copycat.

My favorite two tracks are "Departed" and "Moths". The former is packed with flute and groove, and the the latter is melodious and features some great keys. The other two songs are excellent as well, as "Empty Pages" includes a slow ambiance accented with great guitars and "It's Time" has wonderful groove.

Bassy, rockin', and funky, "Octopie" is worth your time. I hope to hear a full album from this band soon, especially if it features the same great flute and keys.

01. Departed (6:12)
02. Moths (Part 2) (7:17)
03. Empty Pages (8:14)
04. It's Time (5:03)


Label: Independent
Distribution: Octopie @ Bandcamp
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 19 February, 2014
Website: Octopie @ Bandcamp