Power of Metal.dk Review

Inked in Blood
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 27 October, 2014
Playing time: 49:00

I still remember that I never was a big fan of the band Obituary in their early years when they delivered albums like 'Slowly We Rot' and 'Cause of Death'. I found it a bit too simple and with too many repetitions. Last Summer I went to the Stonehenge festival in Steenwijk and the headliner was Obituary. After that great performance they convinced me that rather simple repeating music can be just what is needed. I will never be a fan of AC/DC, Motorhead or Status Quo, bands that in my view all have been playing the same songs only with other lyrics for a century, but Obituary is something else.

The groove, the almost addicted influence of the refrains, the drums that always seem to be just a tenth of a second too late and on top of that the low tuned guitar riffs make this band charming. The vocals of John Tardy perhaps sound a little less low, but are still very convincing and aggressive. The first song "Centuries of Lies" is a very fast one for a band like Obituary, which are known for the slower and mid tempo riffing. "Violent by Nature" is more mid-tempo and indeed with the typical groove and low riffs in Celtic Frost style. On the entire album the double bass drums of Donald Tardy have a rather prominent role and that keeps the songs going. "Pain Inside" is one of the slowest tracks and due to the slow tempo for me the weakest one on the album. The next track "Visions in My Head" is my favorite track, it has a nice riff, a contagious drum pattern and for an Obituary song quite some variation. "Violence" is a rather short up-tempo song, which I also like very much. After that slower and faster songs alternate eachother and show that they haven't changed a lot since their 'Slowly We Rot' release. Maybe it is my age, but their early albums didn't do anything with me, but this new album has me hooked so perhaps I will start listening to their first albums also, just to find out whether or not they can convince me after all of those years.

Fans of the band know wat to do!

01. Centuries of Lies
Violent by Nature
Pain Inside
Visions in My Head
Back On Top
Inked in Blood
Deny You
09. Within a Dying Breed
10. Minds of the World
11. Out of Blood
12. Paralyzed With Fear
Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Playground Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 24 October, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/obituaryband