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Nubian Rose
Mental Revolution
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 24 November , 2014
Playing time: 49:22

Nubian Rose was founded in 2011 and they released their debut album 'Mountain' in 2012. The band evolves around the charismatic and powerful vocalist Sofia Lilja, combined with the talents of the splendid guitarist Christer Åkerlund. Nubian Rose's new album is more of everything in comparison with the previous album. It’s called 'Mental Revolution' and is clearly a step up on the quality ladder. Stronger songs and tighter guitars, together with Sofia's magnificent vocal contributions results in a much higher overall rating from me. New label and with some small changes in the line-up means Nubian Rose is back with a magnificent follow-up album. Christer Åkerlund produced the album and the Swedish producer genius, Tobias Lindell (HEAT, Europe, Hardcore Superstar, Avatar, Mustasch), has done the mixing. The production is clean and flawless. The drums and guitars are dominating together with the great melodies and of course Sofia's strong vocals. Christer and Sofia’s cooperation as a songwriting duo has grown and matured since 'Mountain' and 'Mental Revolution' is more consistent in the quality.

First up is a rock crushing track. 'War', which starts quite and gentle but changes into a Overkill drum inferno. A high octane song in the fast pace lane and a great guitar solo inside. In 'Time Again' the pace is more mature and fits Sofia much better actually. This song is more of an melodic hard rock song and has more depth and emotions. 'Illuminated Within' is a joyful track with different shades and colors and is one of my own favourite songs on the album. The heavy metal track 'The Eye' is harder and has stiffer guitars, heavier drums and ultra high pitch in the vocals. I prefer the rhythmic and melodic song 'Tough Guys Don't Dance' with catchy guitars and the song flirts with the 80's hair rock. Every other track seems to be harder and more in the heavy metal genre. 'Break Out' is probably the strongest song on the album with fantastic vocals, dazzling guitars backed by a strong rhythm section. The cozy song 'Higher' is also one of the top notch tracks on the disc. The song fits Sofia like a hand in a glove and is spiced up with some delicate guitar candy. 'You Will Never Walk Alone' is a charming ballad with soaring vocals and delicate melodies. Sofia sings higher than ever in '(Taking This) Further' and I'm worried my speakers will go broke. The album close with a easy listening track 'All of Your Love'.

Overall, they are rewarded with an extremely strong OK from me. Not masterpiece, but a damn pleasant album from these Swedes. I can not wait until I get to see them in Väsby, Stockholm in July. Going to be really exciting!

Line up:
Sofia Lilja – Vocals
Christer Åkerlund – Lead Guitars
Henric Uhrbom – Bass
Tomas Weijnesjö- Drums
Torbjörn Weijnesjö - Rythm Guitar

Joakim Ahlund – Keyboards
Mats Levén – Backing Vocals
Katarina Kammarkör – Choir

01. War
Time Again
Illuminated Within
The Eye
Tough Guys Don't Dance
Break Out
08. You Will Never Walk Alone
09. Taking This) Further
All Of Your Love
Label: Limewire
Distribution: Cargo Reccords
Artwork rating: 96/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 19 November, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/NubianRoseTheBand