Power of Metal.dk Review

Nocturnal Breed
Napalm Nights
Style: Blackened Thrash
Release date: 11 March, 2014
Playing time: 62:36

Question: Is a super group super if you don't think their music is particularly super? Just because members of a band are famous for being in another band doesn't make it great, does it? Even if the names Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna etc. keep popping up if you start googling Norwegian outfit Nocturnal Breed, it doesn't change the fact for me that you better be a fan of Motörhead and preferably also Venom if you intend digging into 'Napalm Nights'. Liking Kreator isn't the worst thing you can do either, by the way. Need I mention that I'm not the first in line when Venom and Motörhead show up at festivals?

What I'm saying is that I can't immediately dismiss the raw power of 'Napalm Nights', but blackened thrash generally doesn't get under my skin - and especially the vocal gets on my tits after a very short while - no matter if the music is actually great here and there.

The most positive experience for me on 'Napalm Nights' is the 12+ title track. It stands out completely from the rest of the album and in some ways reminds me of Coroner (again with a heavy touch of Motörhead). By far the most interesting and mood-filled song of the album, and basically the one track I can recommend.

01. The Devil Swept the Ruins
02. Speedkrieg
03. Cursed Beyond Recognition
04. The Bitch of Buchenwald
05. Napalm Nights
06. Thrashiac
07. Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
08. Under the Whip
09. Dragging the Priests
10. Krigshisser
Label: Agonia Records
Distribution: Agonia Records
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 30 April, 2014
Website: Nocturnal Breed @facebook