Power of Metal.dk Review

Strangers in Paradise
Style: Melodic hardrock/metal
Release date: 28 November, 2014
Playing time: 41:00

There haven't been a lot of bands hailing from the UK that have impressed me with a fine and good release. To compensate all the real heavy stuff I listen to, every now and then I pick a softer style to review, just because I need it. After listening to the entire record I have to conclude that besides the softer stuff there are also enough rather heavy songs that have convinced me.

Sure, with songs like "Better Angels", "Rose in Bloom", "Chasing the Night" and "Falling Star" there is a big AOR influence but with a little progressive influence. On the other hand there are some heavier and faster tracks that really impress. For example "Highways to Nowhere", a fast edgy guitar driven track with an aggressive excellent singing style of Willy Norton. Willy is in my opinion the star on this album, he has a very variable singing style and is always in control. Just compare the singing style in "Highways to Nowhere" with the clean singing in "Rose in Bloom" and you wouldn't have guessed that it is the same vocalist. Songwriter Frederick Thunder has written some fine songs in which he gave Willy room to shine.

Suddenly the band serves us a 2 rather bombastic songs with a lot of orchestral parts named "Heart of the Sun" and the instrumental track "Aztec Fold". With "Fierce of Battalions" the fastest and heaviest track on the album follows with an aggressive singing style again. In "Sons of Liberty" they combine some softer and faster parts with orchestral influences and the strongest part of the track is the catchy refrain. If you combine influences of Magnum, Pink Cream 69 with Sonata Arctica, a little Nightwish and some Dream Theater you get something like this album I guess.

A very variable and fine journey, but perhaps the use of too much variety will be a problem for them also. For the power metal fan there are perhaps a little too much softer parts and for the AOR fan it is perhaps the opposite. But if you don't think in styles and just enjoy good music this album shouldn't present any problem.

01. Whispered Dreams
Highways to Nowhere
Better Angels
Rose in Bloom
Heart of the Sun
Aztec Gold
Fierce Battalions
Sons of Liberty
09. Chasing the Night
10. Falling Star
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 2 December, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/neonflyuk