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My Soliloquy
The Interpreter
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 15 February, 2013
Playing time: 52:06

When I saw that "The Interpreter" by My Soliloquy was in the backlog queue for this site, I knew this album needed reviewing. First off, the band is the solo project for Threshold guitarist Pete Morten. Secondly, Pete is a multi-talented musician. And lastly, Pete is a friend of mine! (Don't worry, I'm honest even with friends.) My Soliloquy is a tour de force for Pete, who sings and plays all the instruments except for the drums, which are performed (quite well) by Damon Roots. Since the recording of "The Interpreter," Pete has filled out the lineup but this is basically a solo affair.

The first thing you notice about the album has to be Pete's voice, which is very unique and, to me, sounds a lot like legendary ex-Fates Warning vocalist John Arch and his very specific, emotive style. Musically, the album does have a modern Fates style to it but is much more quirky. "The Interpreter" is very much a modern-sounding metal album with twists and turns and even a techno intro on "Corrosive De-emphasis" (my favorite track on the album) which, surprisingly enough, works extremely well. If you haven't banged your head to a techno opening before, you will once the guitars and drums kick in.

The key to any album, as far as I am concerned, is the songs. If you can't write good songs, it really doesn't matter how well you sing or how great a guitarist you are. I haven't mentioned how great the solos are on this album, have I? But the songs on "The Interpreter" are important. The choruses are all ones you will begin to hum and eventually sing along to once you become more familiar with them. The riffs are just as memorable and powerful. "Ascension Pending" has an exotic, Middle Eastern vibe that should make you sway back and forth. "Flash Point" has a Threshold-like riff that yields to a very rhythmic verse and then a pre-chorus that I always sing (even the rolling Rs!).

The somewhat surprising track is the closing ballad "Star." It's not surprising because of how good the song is, but more because Pete could finish a kick-ass metal album with such a beautiful track. Every song on the album is unique, which is what makes "The Interpreter" such a strong release. Yes, Pete's been laboring over this material for years and perhaps that's a good thing. It makes for a well-crafted, well-sequenced album.

But wait, there's more! If you order the album from the band's website (the link is below), you can order the deluxe version which has three bonus tracks. I LOVE BONUS TRACKS! These three are no exception. I wish they were on the standard version, because all three are as good as any track on it.

The packaging on the deluxe version is very cool, with a clear sleeve that looks amazing if you put light behind it. The artwork is incredible in general. Pete Morten did the artwork as well, and he is a talented graphic designer. It is some of the best artwork I've ever seen, period.

If you like progressive metal and are a fan of bands like Threshold (duh), Fates Warning/Arch Matheos, or even classic Queensryche, I highly recommend you check out "The Interpreter" by My Soliloquy. It was one of the best releases of 2013.

01. Ascension Pending
Flash Point
Corrosive De-emphasis
Six Seconds Grace
Dream In Extremis
Inner Circles
Label: Sensory Music
Distribution: Connecting Music
Artwork rating: 100/100
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 17 August 2014
Website: www.mysoliloquy.net