Power of Metal.dk Review

Mount Salem
Style: Doom Metal
Release date: 28 February, 2014
Playing time: 42:28

Maybe it’s got to do with its cold winters but Chicago seems to have something for Doom. Mount Salem emerged from this scene barely 2 years ago and “Endless” already validates the band as flag-bearers of the genre.


Although the Doom churned by the band is essentially traditional (i.e. old-school), it’s also got one foot firmly in the Psychedelic sub-genre. Witchcraft and Pentagram are certainly handy points-of-reference but the one band that Mount Salem kept reminding me of is Coven, the late-1960s occult band. And like Coven, Mount Salem boast female lead vocals around which all of the songwriting seems to be based. Emily Kopplin, the gal in question, has an excellent voice even though the vocal melodies are somewhat repetitive.


The organ, also played by Emily, is another element of the music that is made good use of, as heard in ‘Lucid’ for instance. Sonically-speaking the guitars tend to be dirty with a few good solos thrown in and the drums sound powerful in their simplicity. Ok, so this is not the most original material around but still, I felt that “Endless” has a certain alluring character to it.


A welcome discovery from a band to watch out for.

01. Good Times
02. The Tower
03. Lucid
04. Full Moon
05. Mescaline (instrumental)
06. Mescaline II
07. Hysteria

08. The End
Label: Metal Blade
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 21 February, 2014
Website: Mount Salem @ Facebook