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Entropy of the Century
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 19 August, 2014
Playing time: 42:02

With the quirkiness of Frank Zappa and the histrionics of Kate Bush blowing on its sail, “Entropy of the Century” offers an intriguing take on Progressive Rock. The songwriting seems to be focused around the vocals of Moorea Dickason but the talent pool of the rest of the band is equally important in shaping the album.

Manic tempo patterns and off-beat Jazzy melodies are weaved into Pop and Rock frameworks and brought to life with lyrics that are prone to multiple interpretations. Songs such as ‘Regression to the Mean’ and ‘Friday Night Dreams’ made me question why there aren’t more guitar solos in the rest of the album but I don’t want to ponder on that too much because this is truly an excellent release.

Each song is a good album seller, amongst which is ‘Friday Night Dreams’ - a sort of Cabaret Rock number with playful rhythmic patterns. Then there’s ‘We Machines’ which hovers smoothly between Jazz, Pop and Rock. Both the lyrics and music of ‘The Unknowable’ seem to have been specifically designed to close the album, thereby giving “Entropy.....” a sense of structure.

I’ve spent considerable effort in describing the music…and yet I’ve a nagging feeling of not having gone close to the truth. In a way Moe Tar’s dynamic approach to music fits in with the ‘entropy’ of the album title.

Impressive vocals, complex but accessible music……this is one album you really shouldn’t miss.

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01. Dystopian Fiction
02. Entropy of the Century
03. Regression to the Mean
04. Welcome to the Solar Flares
05. Friday Night Dreams
06. Letting Go of Life
07. We Machines
08. Benefits
09. Raze the Maze
10. Confectioner’s Curse
11. Where the Truth Lies

12. The Unknowable
Label: Magna Carta
Distribution: Magna Carta
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 8 August, 2014
Website: www.moetar.com