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Mob Rules
Timekeeper 20th Anniversary Box
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 13 October, 2014
Playing time: 79:03 (CD 1), 48:36 (CD 2), 9:51 (Single)

"Timekeeper" is as the title might have given away a box-set covering 20 years of Mob Rules. A band that has been a solid factor in the German metal scene over the years, releasing one solid album after another; 7 studio albums and a live album in total.

The thing about them is; they have released solid albums over the years, but no real opus magnum, just rock solid albums. They have never released a bad album, and have over the years maintained the same level of quality, which I think is one of their strong assets. You always know what to expect and they are bound to deliver...!

Disc 1 simply entitled "The Best" is a selection of their best songs and I think they have nailed it - these fifteen songs represent the best of Mob Rules.
Disc 2 - here they've gone a different route and have re-recorded some of their songs as well as a few news ones with a little help from friends, and the outcome is very successful.
Single - a nice new song and a live version of a previous unreleased song, what more can you ask for?
DVD - a live show recorded in the US, all of their video clips and some extra goodies for the hardcore fans of theirs.

"Timekeeper" is great value for your money, and cool way to get introduced, picking up on or just great to have in your collection if you are into Mob Rules. But be fast; the box-set is limited to 3000 copies, it is hand numbered, has a cool 44 pages booklet and a sticker, and all for the price of a normal CD.

CD 1

01. Temple Fanfare (2:24)
02. Pilot of Earth (2:49)
03. Black Rain (5:42)
04. Cannibal Nation (4:17)
05. Astral Hand (5:50)
06. Close My Eyes (6:18)
07. Dead Man's Face (5:40)
08. Among the Gods (7:33)
09. In the Land of Wind Rain (6:05)
10. Hollowed Be Thy Name (5:49)
11. Last Farewell (5:31)
12. Ice and Fire (4:26)
13. Lord of Madness (Live) (5:32)
14. With Sparrows (5:38)
15. Rain Song (Live) (5:37)


01. Insurgeria (new recorded, w/ Udo Dirkschneider & Marco Wriedt) (3:27)
02. Celebration Day (new recorded, w/ Bernhard Weiß) (6:18)
03. Lights Out (new recorded, w/ Peter Knorn) (5:16)
04. End of all Days (new recorded, w/ Amanda Somerville & Corvin Bahn) (8:36)
05. Broken (new Track) (3:45)
06. All Above the Atmosphere (new recorded, w/ Herbie Langhans & Herman Frank) (4:02)
07. Coast to Coast (new recorded, w/ Michael Ehré, Stephan Lill & Chity Somapala) (4:26)
08. How the Gypsy Was Born (remastered, w/ Peavy Wagner) (5:53)
09. Run with the Wolf (new recorded, w/ Sascha Paeth) (4:00)
10. My Kingdom Come (new Track, Orchestral Version, w/ Corvin Bahn) (5:28)

01. My Kingdom Come (5:28)
02. Meet You In Heaven (Live at Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2005, prev. unreleased) (6:08)


01. Children of the Flames
02. Trial By Fire
03. Astral Hand
04. Unholy War
05. Ashes to Ashes
06. Fuel to the Fire
07. Veil of Death
08. Last Farewell
09. In the Land of Wind And Rain
10. Black Rain
11. Hollowed Be Thy Name

The Official Videos:

01. Lost
02. Ice and Fire
03. Astral Han
04. Last Farewell
05. Black Rain


- The Roadmob Bootlegs:
01.)   Telebox Fool – Live @ Rockfabrik Nuremberg (2013)
02.)   Ethnolution Tour „The Scandinavian Chapter“ (2007)
03.)   The Magic Circle Files (2007)
04.)   The Glance Of Fame (unofficial Clip)
05.)   Drumrecording

Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Distribution: Border Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 23 November, 2014
Website: www.mobrules.de