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Miss Behaviour
Double Agent
Style: Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Release date: 29 August, 2014
Playing time: 49:16

The exciting Swedish band Miss Behaviour is releasing their third full length album 'Double Agent'. Their earlier discs are; 'Heart of Midwinter' from 2006 and 'Last Woman Standing' released in 2011. Miss Behaviour delivers some tasteful and very stylish hard rock songs with cheeky guitars and a clean, airy AOR vocals from Sebastian Roos. This is Swedish melodic hard rock in same high caliber like; Work of Art, Eclipse, WET, Degreed, Grand Design and Houston. Miss Behaviour's biggest influences are from bands like: Journey, Magnum, Foreigner, Toto and Bad English.

It oozes of fine and delightful 80's hard rock with classy melodies that settles like soft and smooth balm over my old worn out rock soul. Great guitar riffs, high clean vocals along with dense and thick keyboards create a foundation for the tactful melodies that float freely in the room. Miss Behavoiur has several tracks on 'Double Agent', which sounds like songs Europe or Def Leppard could had recorded in the old, glory days. The very beautiful ballad 'Corporation Arms' is a true AOR classic tune.

'On With the Show' is the strong opening track and is the BIG hit track in my point of view. Very driven hard rock with steamy, groovy refrains. Excellent guitars and a sound which feels very close to H.E.A.T. I hear Bon Jovi, Heart and Warrant as inspiration material in the concluding tracks. Seasoned with glamorous guitar and pure clear vocal efforts. The title song 'Double Agent' and 'Cold Response' are woven in a more purely melodic AOR material with softer and more easygoing sound. A little edgier guitars and heavier drumming makes 'Magical Feeling' a harder song, although it's still within the silky AOR folder. 'Corporation Arms' is a power ballad with superb vocals from Sebastian. In 'Love Reflector' the pace goes up several levels and is a quite cheeky and crispy track with sparkling guitars.

The next ballad on the album is the strong song 'Edge of the World', which could be something Europe wrote in the 80's. The danceable song 'Don't Let It End' is actually a big guitar track with some fancy hooks and catchy riffs. 'Midnight Runner' is maybe the weakest song on the album and doesn't grab my attention. The almost eight minutes long track 'The Cause of Liberty' is by far the best song on 'Double Agent' with pleasant rhythms and with diverse tempos and majestic guitars. 'The Cause of Liberty' is a song, which demands several spins to get under the skin. 'Dancing with Danger' is one of the better tunes with some fine guitar candy. 'Silver Rain' is a nice ballad that closes the album with style.

All twelve songs are superb composed and the production is flawless. A big music box filled with several shining AOR gems and a pile of hard rock candy bars, which are flavored with different tastes.

An album for the fans of the melodic hard rock / AOR to be enjoyed for a long time. A very nice and new acquaintance to me and I will immediately check their previous albums out.

Sebastian Roos - Vocals
Erik Heikne – Guitars
Henrik Sproge –Keyboards
Nicky Bloom– Bass, Guitar
Magnum Jacobs – Drums

01. On With the Show
Double Agent
Cold Response
Magical Feeling
Corporation Arms
Love Reflector
Edge of the World
Don't Let It End
Midnight Runner
The Cause of Liberty
11. Dancing With Danger
Silver Rain
Label: AOR Heaven
Distribution: AOR Heaven
Artwork rating: 81/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 23 August, 2014
Website: www.missbehaviour.se