Power of Metal.dk Review

The Ophidian Trek
Style: Math Metal
Release date: 26 September, 2014
Playing time: 87:56

The Ophidian Trek is Meshuggah's newest album, a live release, thus a retrospective of the band's twenty-seven years old career.
The sound is massive, and the track listing presents exhaustive material for the Meshuggah adept or the curious one on the way to musical wisdom.

Some find Meshuggah monotonous. In these means, Chaosphere, obZen, Koloss, have been quoted to me. You would think their repetitive motives would be to blame. Not quite, you'll see.

The problem in these records' case seems to be the fact that Meshuggah arose twenty-seven years ago, with a bunch of creativity and new ways of playing metal that none could dream of achieving. They gained popularity from their start on, easy enough to understand if you've heard their third release Destroy Erase Improve (1995) - didn't it say enough about the band's agenda? - but after a while, Meshuggah had to reinvent themselves too.

While some bands' music gets more and more elaborate with the years, Meshuggah has in a way simplified theirs by reducing the range of use of their guitar, from the eight they are known for, to only two, for example.

I still find it interesting myself, to me the combinations of notes, riffs, rhythms possible are music for the left-side of the brain, very appreciable. You will surely get a bit crazy listening to the relentless riffs of Meshuggah, but it's just a nice side-effect.

So, what will you find on The Ophidian Trek? Well, exactly enough to get picky, hypnotised, questioning, fulfilled, bored...not, and so much more.

01. Swarmer (1:58)
02. Swarm (5:22)
03. Combustion (4:21)
04. Rational Gaze (5:03)
05. Obzen (5:20)
06. Lethargica (6:04)
07. Do Not Look Down (4:56)
08. The Hurt (5:45)
09. I am Colossus (4:48)
10. Bleed (7:20)
11. Demiurge (5:18)
12. New Millennium Cyanide Christ (5:08)
13. Dancers To A Discordant System (10:14)
14. Mind's Mirrors - In Death - Is Life - In Death - Is Death (14:10)
15. The Last Vigil (4:09)
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Sony Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 23 September, 2014
Website: www.meshuggah.net