Power of Metal.dk Review

Once More 'Round the Sun
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 20 June, 2014
Playing time: 54:12

What are the chances that I would like this album... after all I never really discovered the brilliance of "Crack the Skye" (according to many), I gave up on "Blood Mountain", and have only recently taken the time to digest "The Hunter, and I failed to see them live twice over the last couple of years on purpose!

Fans of Mastodon know that their strange brew has ingredients from so many genres that to categorize them would be pointless, the basics however remain classic hard rock from the 70s (Black Sabbath) and then they add layer after layer to their sound, the diversity of the three vocalists helps a lot in this respect.

"Once More 'Round the Sun" is a heavy punch in the stomach and given time you'll discover that it really covers all aspects of Mastodon's massive sound universe, and I must say that I am very pleased that I gave them one more chance, because I have (slowly) begun to discover the brilliance of this band, going back and discovering what lead up to this album.

It's not every day I gladly admit that I might have been mistaken, but Mastodon is every bit as heavy as their name indicates, and they deserve my respect: this is one awesome groove monster that wins more and more respect in my small metal world day by day.

Cool album!

01. Thread Lightly (5:14)
02. The Motherload (4:59)
03. High Road (4:15)
04. Once More 'Round the Sun (2:58)
05. Chimes at Midnight (5:32)
06. Asleep in the Deep (6:12)
07. Feast Your Eyes (3:23)
08. Aunt Lisa (4:08)
09. Ember City (4:59)
10. Halloween (4:39)
11. Diamond in the Witch House (7:49)
Label: Reprise Records
Distribution: Warner Music
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 23 July, 2014
Website: www.mastodonrocks.com