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Lovers Under Cover
Into the Night
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 24 January, 2014
Playing time: 40:20

The melodic hard rock project Lovers Under Cover is back with their second album. The four Swedes released their debut disc 'Set the Night on Fire' in 2012 and I wasn't so thrilled in my first five, six listening, but it grew more and more with each spin and 'Set the Night on Fire' turned out to be one of that years top melodic rock albums. It's the same lineup and the characteristic vocalist Mikael Erlandsson continues to sing classy and wonderful, with his half-hoarse rock 'n' roll voice. Those who like Last Autumn's Dream, Treat, Cold Spell, or any of the other bands that plays in the 'so-called' Scandi melodic hard rock style will not be dissatisfied.

It sounds flawless and I actually think this is several cuts above the stylish debut disc. This stunning release has more flesh and grease on the bones. More raucous guitar riffs, mature harmonies and are overall a stronger studio production. The brilliant brain/creator of Lovers Under Cover Mikael Carlsson has the right combatants in his legion of rock. Martin Kronlund is a dazzling guitarist and an excellent producer and with Perra Johnsson as the steady hitting-man behind it all, they have something quite fresh and a positive tone in their sound that attracts my mind and soul!

I even find their cover of Martrika's "Toy Soldiers" from '88 quite pleasant. Love Under Cover plays much more in the AOR/melodic hard rock than they do in their parallel project called Dog Face, there the only physical difference is that Mats Levén is the vocalist. Mats, sings in a higher pitch and Mikael has a thicker and lower voice, which fits these melodic tunes as a plunger into the barrel. I don't know, which of these two nice projects they prioritize the most, but I believe that this band is worth building further on in the future.

'Into the Night' hasn't a single filler track and that usually results in a high total score from me. The only negative I have to say is that sometimes it gets a little too water combed and too over-polished. There is no new musical grasp that surprises or any earth-shattering outings. Personally I ignore this actually, because I like the sleek and shiny beads they plastered and added in this album.

Those who want stylish wrapped hard rock with well-oiled vocal chords will be able to enjoy this album... That I can promise you!

With two strong albums in their backpack it will be a amazing moment when they enter the stage in Väsby, Sweden in July. I will be there, that's for sure.

Love Under Cover:
Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumns Dream, Salute, Secret Service and Phenomena) - Lead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Keyboard
Mikael Carlsson (Dog Face) - Bass, Keyboard, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute, Dog Face) - Guitar
Perra Johnsson (Coldspell, Dog Face) - Drums

01. A Fight
In to the Shadows
Toy Soldier
Crushing Stones
Life Is Easy
Playboy No 7
The Game Is On
Fantasy Man
Closer to the Truth
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Sound Pollution (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 87/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 17 January, 2014
Website: loverundercovertheband.com