Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 21 November, 2014
Playing time: 50:04

I have listened to this album 4 times now. It's grown on me each time. It's a very good blend of classic sounding metal such as Dio and Whitesnake having some neoclassical shredding thrown in over the top and backed up by confident, hard hitting vocals that make this band have a fairly fresh sound in places. Fans of 80s metal will love it. That means any thinking metal fan will love it.

This has a great live vibe to it which is a great thing to accomplish on a studio album. It makes you want to go to one of their gigs - something I definitely will be doing.

The vocals are inconsistent - but consistently good. By that I mean they don't follow the same formula, they change to suit the music. When you need sleazy, dingy and dirty grainy vocals on tracks like the excellent and bitchy ballad 'Kiss My Glass' you get it - and it could not be done any other way. Really fun to listen to. This is when Lawless get a little American. Not a bad thing. It is kinda strange that it suddenly goes in that direction, but you know what, it really works. I have to remind myself they're from Stoke.

In contrast, the melodic, soft approach even on a relatively heavy song like 'The End Of The World' loses that grainy, aggressive vocal tone making way for softer but powerful vocals.

The are very in touch with their capabilities. The opening track '1914 (Ghosts Of No Mans Land)' is a comparison of the heroes of 100 years ago compared to a hypothetical question of whether people would now make such sacrifices. It also questions what, if anything, has been learned since then, all to the glorious sound of brilliant traditional metal that cannot (and I have no idea if this is intentional) escape a bit of a power metal vibe kicking in.

This is good, solid heavy rock with bits of power metal thrown in and a little stadium rock here and there. I think any metal or rock fan would find something to appreciate here. Definitely worth getting hold of.

01. 1914 (Ghosts of No Mans Land)
02. Pain
03. Rise Up
04. Twisted and Burned
05. Song for a Friend
06. Kiss My Glass
07. Dead Man Walking
08. Heavens Raining
09. How Long

Diamond in the Rough
11. The End of the World 
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 16 November, 2014
Website: www.lawlessofficial.com