Power of Metal.dk Review

Kissin' Dynamite
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 5 September, 2014
Playing time: 39:27

Another so-so album from Germany was my first thoughts when I got Kissin' Dynamite's fourth album on my list, BUT damn was I wrong! 'Megalomania' is a barrel of gun powder! With “Steel of Swabia” (2008), “Addicted to Metal” (2010) and “Money, Sex & Power” (2012) under their belt these south Germans have made a radical transformation and releases something, which has really grabbed my old spine and shook it up real good. Their glam hard rock is blended with some modern rock n roll spices.

A very diverse album with many strong hard rock tracks with big hooks and a pleasant blend of tempos and styles. It has to be a perfect album to have at a party. Positive and joyful melodies packed in leather, hairspray and spandex. Let me guide you through this shining disc. The first track 'DNA' is a mega hit track with splash of techno hard rock style like Rammstein. In the glam rock song 'Maniac Ball' the party feelings are gone and a more in a serious tone, which is more mature and appealing to me.

The half rap/sleaze rock song 'VIP In Hell' is a light weight track with stripes from Linkin Park. 'Fireflies' is a surprisingly beautiful ballad song from Kissin' Dynamite and I just adore this song! Next song sounds more in dark and gothic industrial rock, but still have the sleaze rock surface. 'God In You' is another track on the album, which has a modern hard rock twist. This sounds like Rammstein, Marlyn Manson and Def Leppard in a crazy mix. 'Running Free' is a pure glam rock, party song that drives me into a delightful and a happy mood. The most interesting track is probably 'Legion of the Legendary', which shows the width that this album has.

Very groovy drumming, heavy metal guitars and machine gun vocals. This sounds like Disturbed and Scorpions made a song together. The second ballad on "Megalomania" is 'The Final Dance' and Hannes Braun manages to handle these kind of gentle songs as well. Extra credit to him! Tenth and last track is 'Ticket To Paradise' which is a fantastic closing song to a great album. A given purchase!

No filler tracks this time. These five German guys have moved their positions from a tiny opening band to be an major headliner next summer.

Line up:
Hannes Braun (Vocals)
Jim Müller (Guitar)
Ande Braun (Guitar)
Steffen Haile (Bass)
Andreas Schnitzer (Drums)

01. DNA
Maniac Ball
VIP In Hell
God In You
Running Free
Legion Of The Legendary
09. The Final Dance
Ticket To Paradise
Label: AFM records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 2 September, 2014
Website: www.kissin-dynamite.de