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Joe Bonamassa
Different Shades of Blue
Style: Blues Rock
Release date: 22 September, 2014
Playing time: 48:27

The big blues guitar king is back. Joe Bonamassa has finally released his long awaited solo album 'Different Shades of Blue'. On this album we get a stack of high quality blues rock tracks with tons of magical guitar experiences, which make me speechless. Some of the heaviest blues songs forcing me to close my eyes and just float with his gentle rocking rhythms. His ability to connect with live concert audiences is formidable and when I saw him on Sweden Rock Festival in June, he didn't say one word between the songs, but gosh what a performance he gave us. Music unite.

However, this album is completely smacked with heavy, bluesy rock. 'Oh Beautiful!' is an five and a half minute long blues rock canoe trip down a river with wild water and calmer parts occasionally. His guitar skills are absolutely stunning and in this song he totally overwhelms me with his string abilities. Next track is a funky song with stronger vocals and with solid brass. 'Love Ain't a Love Song' is a groovy funk track with an exploding guitar section in the middle. More of brass and keys opens the swinging 'Living on the Moon' and Joe sings great in this tune. 'Heartache Follows Wherever I Go' is a down tempo blues song with a emotional guitar solo. The stunning track 'Never Give All Your Heart' is one of my favourite songs with big vocals from Bonamassa and glimmering guitars. Old fashion blues is the label on 'I Gave Up Everything for You, 'Cept the Blues', but in the following song he clean the sound up. 'Different Shades of Blue' is another blooming blues song with sharp guitars and smooth vocals. Sweet, southern blues rock is steaming out my speakers in 'Get Back My Tomorrow' and of course with world class guitar work.

'Trouble Town' is a funky blues song with catchy rhythms and it's hard to sit still. This mature rock album closes with an ultra slow blues song. 'So, What Would I Do' - a song for the loving couples on the couch with a bottle of wine and candles. Well, 'Different Shades of Blue' is one of Joe Bonamassas best albums I've heard. He is back in his home genre again after some tours with Glenn Hughes in Black Country Communion and he seems to like it.

This is how a Bonamassa in top form should sound like...

A very very nice album.

Line up:
Joe Bonamassa: Guitar, Vocals
Carmine Rojas: Bass
Tal Bergman: Drums
Derek Sherinian: Keyboards

01. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
Oh Beautiful!
Love Ain't a Love Song
Living on the Moon
Heartache Follows Wherever I Go
Never Give All Your Heart
I Gave Up Everything for You, 'Cept the Blues
Different Shades of Blue
09. Get Back My Tomorrow
10. Trouble Town
11. So, What Would I Do
Label: Mascot Label Group
Distribution: Warner Music Group (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 87/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 21 September, 2014
Website: jbonamassa.com