Power of Metal.dk Review

Nur die Besten werden alt
Style: Nonsense Metal
Release date: 15 August, 2014
Playing time: 50:55

I do actually not doubt that the German cult band J.B.O. consists of pretty professional musicians. Every now and then I catch myself thinking that they play this and that part really well and that it grooves neatly. And you could say that I as a Dane ought to be able to understand and perhaps even appreciate the humorous take on hard rock and metal the Bavarian outfit lays out in front of us. But, really, I don't. It's just not funny.

The rewritten versions of Opus' pop tune Life is Life (Death is Death in J.B.O's version), Alice Cooper's School's Out (Schule Aus) and These Boots Are Made For Walking (Das Bier ist da zum trinken) don't work at all - I can imagine how Nancy Sinatra is rolling in her grave. The conclusion is easily made: In the event I want my metal to be funny, I'll turn to Tankard. Anytime. Thank you.

01. Vier Finger für ein Halleluja
02. Death Is Death
03. Ansage
04. Sakradi, mei Sack is hi
05. #
06. Das Bier ist da zum Trinken
07. Schule aus
08. Der sechste Sinn
09. Was würde Jesus tun?
10. Mittelalter
11. Aberglaube
12. Die Waldfee
13. Und dann hörst du J.B.O.
14. McDeath
15. Metal No. 666
16. Die Antwort
17. Zeitansage
18. Ein Zipfel vom Glück
19. Jung, dumm und besoffen
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 35/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 12 August, 2014
Website: www.jbo.de