Power of Metal.dk Review

The Calm Hunter
Style: Epic Doom Metal
Release date: 28 November, 2014
Playing time: 52:45

When Bathory fan boys Ereb Altor are not Ereb Altor, they are the epic doom band Isole. As confusing as that may sound, the result of their endeavors is not at all bad.

Drawing mainly upon a Candlemass influence, the Swedes have created a diverse album consisting of seven great songs with a proggy edge. The vocal duties are split between guitarist Christer and drummer Daniel, thus providing both an emotional clean vocal and growls. You can't ignore an element of Bathory vocal lines either - just take the song Dead To Me, which certainly has more than a touch of Quorthon in the way the vocal arrangements are crafted.

For almost 53 minutes, Isole take the listener through a varied and multi-layered journey of doom music, with heavy riffs, clean guitars, ditto vocals, growls, harmonies, top notch drumming by Jonas Lindström. 'The Calm Hunter' is probably not the most original doom album you've ever heard, but it has the kind of high quality and catchiness that you tend to let it spin once more in the disc player because, well, why not? It's really good!

1. The Calm Hunter
2. Dead To Me (The Destroyer Part I)
3. Into Oblivion
4. The Eye Of Light
5. Perdition
6. Alone In Silence
7. My Regret (The Destroyer Part II)
Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Soul Food
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 25 December, 2014
Website: www.forevermore.se