Power of Metal.dk Review

Iron Man
The Passage (Re-issue)
Style: Doom Metal
Release date: 8 July, 2014
Playing time: 44:25

I still remember, many aeons ago, discovering a dusty old cassette of “The Passage” in a decrepit shop. Since then it remained one of my all-time favourite Doom Metal releases and opened my ears to an amazing band.

Shadow Kingdom is re-releasing the 2 Iron Man albums with Dan Michalak on vocals (“Generation Void” being the other one). DVD live footage is being added to each of the two. I haven’t seen any of this footage but “The Passage” hasn’t lost any of its spirit since its original 1994 release and if the album still hasn’t been drafted into your Metal collection then this is a good opportunity to make amends.

On a personal level it was a joy rediscovering the heavy riffs of ‘Unjust Reform’, the darkly anthemic ‘Harvest of Earth’, the furious ‘Iron Warrior’, the eloquent instrumental ‘Tony Stark’. The album tends to sound a lot like Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” or “Heaven And Hell”, particularly with regards to the vocal melodies.

A quintessential Doom album.

01. The Fury
02. Unjust Reform
03. The Gargoyle
04. Harvest of Earth
05. The Passage
06. Iron Warrior
07. Freedom Fighters
08. Waiting for Tomorrow
09. Time of Indecision
10. Tony Stark
11. End of the World
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Promotion: Clawhammer PR
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 15 July, 2014
Website: www.ironmanband.com