Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Hardrock/Heavy rock
Release date: 2014
Playing time: 28:00

Hm, I received this CD from Sweden a couple of weeks ago. The band, I've deducted, is called inthered and the CD is called the same. There was no accompanying letter as is usually the customary way of telling a reviewer who you are, where you're from, if you have a website you'd like us to link to, when your CD was released and all the stuff. There was a postcard with the same extremely inspired artwork as the CD (NOT!) and, well, no further info, other than that the CD can be bought on CDBaby - and in that way I found out that the CD was made this year and that the band is Swedish. So far so good.

Anyway, it's more importantly what the beast sounds like. Since its arrival, I've given the disc a few spins, and my opinion is still the same as when I give it the first listen; the music is decent enough. Hardrock or heavy rock, which ever label you prefer, well-performed, a basic understanding of how to put together songs is detectable. It's not something I'd pull out of the archive very often, but, as I said, decent. Best piece in my view is probably third track Line by Line.

The one thing that pulls the rating down considerably, though, is the singer. I thought at first it was a joke of sorts, but, no, since he keeps singing with the same, odd voice, like a mixture of Tom Warrior and Kermit, I've reached the conclusion that it's no joke. I'm not a fan. Change this guy, practice some more, and then you might have a career ahead of you, enigmatic inthered.

01. Cowboy Mayhem
In The Red
Line By Line
A Heavy Load
Label: None
Distribution: CDBaby
Artwork rating: 25/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 14 June, 2014