Power of Metal.dk Review

Theater of Time
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 5 October, 2012
Playing time: 58:03

I want to take a moment and point out something. Good cover art can be the gateway to greater things. This is the case for Indomite's debut album, "Theater of Time". What an outstanding cover art! This Columbian band contacted me for a review, and I was instantly interested after seeing the amazing cover. I think bands need to take that advice to heart more often.

Enough about artwork, however. The music needs to be discussed, too. Indomite, in a word, are bonkers. I mean that in the best way possible, too. Their music is fast, technical, and still somehow inundated with subtlety. 'Theater of Time" features both clean and harsh male vox, as well as clean female vocals, too. Normally I'm not a big fan of harsh vocals, but they definitely work here. It also helps that both clean voices are outstanding. So, to have a chorus of all three of them is something special. 

The band focuses on a heavy form of progressive metal. While this is true, I find plenty of delicate interludes and attention to melody. I also hear awesome keyboard action---tons of it. The first track, an instrumental song called "Threshold", features an awe-inspiring keyboard rhythm that would make any composer jealous. Not only are the keys used in this way, but they are also used as transitions, such as in the beginning of "Rain". So, the excellent keys work very well with the technical drums and guitar work.

My favorite tracks are pretty easy to pick. "Threshold" is amazing, but the combo of "Sky High" and "Rain" is well-structured and wonderful. The beautiful piano throughout these tracks only serves to solidify my appreciate here. As with the rest of the album, skillful guitar solos abound, and there is always a good, connected groove present. These musicians are no amateurs at all.

So, try this band. I highly recommend Indomite's debut album, "Theater of Time". It is equal parts awesome, beautiful, and technical. If you like progressive metal that steers mostly clear of the standard sound, seek out a copy of this album.

01. Threshold
02. Pharaoh
03. Awaking the Gods
04. Sky High
05. Rain
06. Reach the Stars
07. Parasite (Symbiotic)
08. Carnival Curse
09. The Curtain That Will Never Fall
Label: Norse Music
Distribution: Norse Music
Artwork rating: 95/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 15 January, 2014
Website: www.indomite.co