Power of Metal.dk Review

Miscellany EP
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 1 January, 2014
Playing time: 23:08

Watch closely. I am really tempted to slap a really high rating on this new EP from the always amazing Russian band iamthemorning. I don't care if this EP, "Miscellany", only has two new songs. I don't care if this EP was an afterthought of sorts. What I do care about is the fact that this short EP is chock full of beautiful melodies, amazing vocals, and excellent musicianship. That, my friends, is what draws me to this band time and time again.

First of all, if you don't know who iamthemorning is, you should rectify that immediately. This two-piece band plays a refreshing form of chamber rock. Well, if you want to call it "rock". It's basically progressive music of some type mixed with neoclassical influences and a distinct artistic personality. It's light, fresh, stunningly beautiful, and thick with artistic integrity.

Now, "Miscellany" is an EP released by the band to tide us over until the launch of their imminent second album. Like I said, it features two new songs and some live and alternative tracks. First of all, the new tracks are amazing. "To Human Misery" is incredibly emotional and even hopeful. It shows iamthemorning at their best, honestly. The next track is "The Simple Story", another emotional track that features Gavin Harrison on some rather unique drums. These two tracks are surprisingly addictive and simply powerful.

The remainder of the tracks are either live or alternate versions, most of them from the first album. This is NOT a bad thing, especially if you don't own their first album. All of these songs are interesting and I even find that this London version of "Touching II" is the best version yet. That means a lot because I believe it to be their best song. Every single track on this EP is worthwhile, both for your time and your money. So, even though I cannot give this EP the highest honors, it still is very, very strong and promises an amazing sophomore album from my favorite Russian band.

01. to human misery (chamber version) (4:17)
02. the simple story (3:35)
03. intermission XII (2:36)
04. scotland (unplugged) (3:44)
05. the simple story (unplugged) (3:44)
06. touching II (london mix) (4:07)
07. intermission VIII (1:05)
Label: Independent
Distribution: iamthemorning @ Bandcamp
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 24 January, 2014
Website: iamthemorning @ Bandcamp