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House of X
House of X
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 24 October , 2014
Playing time: 57:55

House of X is a new UK rock project with ex. members of UFO, Wild Horses and Lionheart. I didn't recognize these gentlemen by their names when I read the info about House of X, but they seem to handle their instruments like pro's. Danny Peyronel on vocals was the former keyboard player and background singer on UFO's album from 1976 'No Heavy Petting'. Clive Edwards, Laurence Archer and Rocky Newton (ex-Michael Schenker Group) on bass began playing in the band X-UFO, alongside Danny Peyronel and this is the final result. New band name, but the same line-up.

Anyhow, these rock veterans open with an old fashion hard rock tune; 'Do Me Wrong' is heavy as a steel anvil - for lovers of slow, steamy hard rock with hoarse vocals. They follow it up with a quicker track in 'No More Tequila' and this is a given song on the hard alcohol-consuming men-feasts after midnight. They mix the genres quite a lot in the tracklist and 'Long Arm of the Law' is more of a classic rock song with catchy guitar riffs and great drum work. I like the guitar solo in the middle of this song, which is one of the better tracks on 'House of X' actually. The pace goes down in 'No Way Home' with many UK-blues feelings. In 'The Road Less Troubled' the guitar work is most to be remembered. 'Martian Landscape' is a ballad, which leaves me un-touched. But in the next tune, 'Rage' my legs begin to twitch again. This is song is 100% instrumental and is one of my favourite tracks with shining guitars. I love the blues-turn at the end of the song. Magnificent!

The next slow song is much stronger than the previous ballad. 'Alive' is a killer track! 'Busted' sounds like a song Kiss could have written. House of X surprises me with a melodic song 'Second Son'. Big vocals and glittering guitars blended in an rhythmic rock/AOR tune. The album close with two classy rock songs, 'House Of Lies' and 'Millions'. Not a masterpiece or so, but a strong album for the fans of old school of UK based hard rock. A timeless hard rock disc, which will be played for years to come.

Line up:
Danny Peyronel Lead Vocals (ex UFO)
Laurence Archer Guitar, Backing Vocals (Grand Slam, Phil Lynott)
Clive Edwards Drums (Wild Horses)
Rocky Newton Bass, Backing Vocals (Lionheart, ex MSG)

01. Do Me Wrong
No More Tequila
Long Arm of the Law
No Way Home
The Road Less Troubled
Martian Landscape
Second Son
11. House Of Lies
12. Millions
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Artwork rating: 76/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 21 October, 2014
Website: www.houseofx.net