Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Black/Thrash
Release date: 20 May, 2014
Playing time: 55:00

Let's ignore for a minute that using the name of an ice-clad planet in Star Wars isn't super cool, or...no let's not. It isn't really. And the Norse god (whom Loki tricked into slaying Balder) isn't called Hoth, but Hother or Hod, so that explanation won't work, even if it would make more sense when you listen to the music brought forth by this Seattle-based duo.

It would make sense because there are definite ties to Norwegian black metal and the cold, harsh sounds of the north. Hoth display a definite talent for writing big black/thrash metal songs. They understand how to combine melody, atmosphere via e.g. acoustic guitars, keyboards and folk instruments with chugging riffs. In that sense, they have much in common with e.g. Dimmu Borgir and other bands who moved away from the chains of pure (and in my taste awful) Norwegian black metal of a time when wooden church burnings was all the rage.

That said, when listening to 'Oathbreaker' in its entirety, I miss a red thread throughout the album just as much as I miss real drums. Although there are excellent moments on 'Oathbreaker' I'm kind of left with the feeling that the duo haven't quite got a voice of their own yet - and that it would perhaps be beneficial to become a real band and create the dynamism this creates?

The best track if you ask me? Acolyte of the Tenebrous Night is the most complete and rounded track, methinks. Excellent piece.

01. The Unholy Conception
02. A Blighted Hope
03. Cryptic Nightmares
04. Serpentine Whispers
05. Acolyte of the Tenebrous Night
06. Unending Power
07. Oblivion
08. Despair
Label: None
Distribution: None
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 24 May, 2014
Website: Hoth @ Facebook