Power of Metal.dk Review

Hazy Hamlet
Full Throttle
Style: NWoBHM
Release date: 16 November, 2013
Playing time: 38:10

New wave needs a different name. I mean, it's been around since the 70s and is no longer new. Nobody has managed to do that yet. However, whatever you want to call it, many a metalhead loves it and I am no exception. The exception I have with Hazy Hamlet is one that divides opinion throughout the entire metal community. Is it 'influence' or is it 'copying'? Well, I have to be honest and speak for how I feel, and my view is this:

Hazy Hamlet, in all but vocal style, copy Iron Maiden. The lead guitar is all Dave Murray in both tone and technique, the rhythm guitar is almost without exception the same tone as early Maiden, with a lot of the riffs coming straight out of that era. The drums, particularly the intricate symbol work reminds me a lot of Nicko and just listen to the bass and try telling me with a straight face that it wasn't modelled on Steve? It's a carbon copy.

Ok, I mentioned 'in all but vocal style'. Well, the vocals are more power metal in style and lyrical content. Norse mythology, wars etc, and all sung in a much lower tone than you would associate with the Air Raid Siren. Those of you that are not aware, that was Bruce Dickinson's nickname. On one occasion, 'Jaws Of Fenris', power metal creeps in and takes over one track. For the rest of it, you could replace the singer with Bruce and easily think that this is a Maiden album. I suppose in many ways that is a compliment - I certainly am not trying to insult anyone.

It's enjoyable to listen to and they've done very well at recreating the classic tone that Maiden fans love, but the fact remains it is still not their own. Whether intentional or not it sounds a lot like they are trying to be Iron Maiden and we already have far too many copy cats.

I'm sorry guys, 'cos I do like the songs but there is no getting away from the fact that your tone, style, song structure, and significant portions of riffs all come very obviously from one band. Ok, Vocals no, but everything else, yes. Beyond a shadow of an inkling of a doubt.

For that reason I must, with regret, give this album a 'try again' rating of 49. You are clearly all very proficient musicians. Please use that talent to create something original.

That being said, the issues I have with this album are issues that will not bother a lot of people. It happens a lot after all. Like Avenged Sevenfold who copy Metallica, Airbourne who copy AC/DC, and Machine Head who, until recently, copied whoever was popular at the time.

I know it may be controversial, but I am in a very lucky position of being sent records to review, and then asked to give my honest opinion. You now have it.

01. Full Throttle
Symphony of Steel
A Havoc Quest
Jaws Of Fenris
Odins' Ride
Red Baron
Label: Arthorium Records
Distribution: Arthorium Records
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 17 January, 2014
Website: www.hazyhamlet.com