Power of Metal.dk Review

Theatre of Redemption
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: 28 November, 2014
Playing time: 51:00

Their debut album 'Dreaming Awake' (2003) is one I still like very much. Their second (2008) album 'Chapter II' got a high rating on our site and now 6 years later their third album is being released. I'm not familiar with their second release, but I can say for certain that this one tops their debut album. With new singer Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon) they have again found a singer that sticks perfectly to the music.

The mix of (power) metal, melody, some neo-classical elements and a progressive touch is still their trade mark. The songs have a lot of variation and the production is very clear and powerful. With producer Fredrik Nordstöm behind the buttons this isn't a surprise of course. This is one of the better melodic metal albums this year and should be checked out for certain. Besides some very impressive slower melodic songs there are also some up tempo hammers. "Crown Me King" is one of them and the combination of the guitars and keyboard lines works out very fine. "Bloodbound" is yet another uptempo song with guitar soli in a kind of Yngwie Malmsteen style. Another heavy song is "Hands of Time" with a very strong refrain and some fine bass lines. "Son of the Morning" is a song with Eastern influences a rather complex song with beautiful eastern chords. The title track and "You Are" are songs with mighty orchestral parts and the track "What If" is a rather commercial strong song with a nice refrain, piano parts and strings.

Markus Sigridsson shows that he is an excellent guitar player and the harmonic backing vocals on the album create sometimes a rather melancholy atmosphere. With "You Are" the band has written one of the better ballads I've heard this year. The piano parts are great and sometimes the song made me think of the softer parts of the band Dream Theater. "In Search Of" is a song that makes me think a lot of the debut album and sees to a very strong end to this excellent melodic variable album. With six years in between albums, Harmony shows that they are better than ever and sure a band we have to reckon with.

Fans of melodic power metal with classical influences surely have something to look forward to and to invest in.          

01. The Window of My Soul
Crown Me King
Son of the Morning
What If
Theatre of Redemption
You Are
09. Hands of Time
10. In Search Of
Label: Ulterium Records
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 26 November, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/harmonysweden