Power of Metal.dk Review

Gus G
I Am the Fire
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 17 April, 2014
Playing time: 46:45

Gus G still has his greatest days ahead of him. Being a guitarist for Ozzy may have made him more well known but unlike his predecessor I do not feel that this marks the pinnacle of his career.

This album shows he still has a lot to offer on his own merit and is worthy of note, particularly for the fans of Ozzy who wrongfully only see him as 'that guy who replaced Zakk'. Shame on you. Not just because he is incredibly talented, but due to the fact he is a better guitarist than Zakk ever was, in my view (and probably in every serious guitarists view) He is definitely more technically proficient as well. I am not slamming Zakk, just a small percentage of deluded fans for some of the misguided crap that they have slung, undeservingly and quite immaturely, in Gus Gs direction.

Back to the album. There are many notable guest contributors to this album, the most prominent of which are veterans Billy Sheehan and David Ellefson. It seems like a bit of a role reversal, as Billy takes a spot on the most thrash song there is, 'Terrified', whereas David crops up on 'Vengeance' which is very reminiscent of Paul Gilbert from a guitarists perspective, tone and all. I also happen to be a super fan of Gilbert. It sounds like an old Racerx riff, so maybe that's coincidence or maybe he is paying homage to the great PG and Bruce Bouillet. Either way, it's only once and it's a damn good tribute if that indeed is even what it is intended as. I speculate, and digress.

It's way too easy to focus on guitars when you know that this is a project by a renowned guitarist, but you'd be wrong to do so. The riffs stay with you, and the guitar mastery is something we all knew would come. It's so much more than a guitar album, though the title track may be a little commercial in comparison to the other songs.

Mats Leven is, by no narrow margin, the best guest vocalist on the album. He seems to get the more heavier of the songs which are a little rawer that the others so maybe it's just my personal preference for that kind of song style that is leading me to make that conclusion, but everyone should pick this album up to form their own conclusions.

This is a real treat, particularly to any aspiring metal guitarists. Gus G is touring Europe at the moment - along with..........drum roll...............


I am currently changing my work commitments in order that I can attend.

01. My Will Be Done (Feat. Mats Leven)
02. Blame It On Me  (Feat. Mats Leven)
03. I Am The Fire (Feat. Devour The Day)
04. Vengeance (Feat. David Ellefson)
05. Long Way Down (Feat. Alexia Rodriguez)
06. Just Can't Let Go (Feat. Jacob Bunton)
07. Terrified (Feat. Billy Sheehan)
08. Eyes Wide Open  (Feat. Mats Leven)
09. Redemption (Feat. Michael Starr)

Summer Days (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto) 
11. Dreamkeeper (Feat. Tom S. Englund) 
12. End Of The Line  (Feat. Mats Leven)
Label: Century Media
Distribution: Universal (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 13 May, 2014
Website: www.gusgofficial.com