Power of Metal.dk Review

Guilty As Charged
Leap of Faith
Style: Power/thrash Metal
Release date: June 2014
Playing time: 32:00

After one EP in 2009 called 'Boxed' this Belgian band released their debut album this summer. From what I read on the internet, their first EP was rather influenced by old Metallica stuff.

On this debut those influences are gone for the biggest part, only the song "I''ll Never" still has a big Metallica sauce and then especially because of the singing style of Jan De Vuyssere. On the other songs he has more a style of his own, changing from a more aggressive style into a more melodic cleaner style without any problem. The music is a mix of U.S. power metal and early eighties Bay Area thrash, but with a modern touch. In a song like " Lack of Control" the music and the singing reminds alot of Iced Earth and that can also be said about the track "Last Chance". My personal favorite is "Lonewolf", a song with an aggressive singing style and with riffs reminding me a bit of early Slayer. Besides that it is a very variable song with some tempo changes and a gang singing part. Some self releases have a bad production, but this album sounds like a Swiss clock. If you are looking for a good thrash album with power metal influences you need to check this out.

Perhaps not a very long album, but better short with killers than long with fillers.

01. Preach of the Masses
Last Chance
Leap of Faith
I'll Never
Lack of Control
Label: Independent
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 10 September, 2014
Website: www.myspace.com/guiltyaschargedmetal