Power of Metal.dk Review

The Unknown Citizens
Style: Progressive kind of death metal
Release date: 14 November, 2014
Playing time: 47:00

Strange kind of music from this French band Grorr. Many influences are embedded in their music and that is perhaps the reason that I'm not convinced by this 'The Unknown Citizens'. This is progressive based death metal with some polyritmic influences, some industrial pieces, samples and a lot of keyboard parts (orchestral parts).

The album is divided into three chapters. The Fighter has the most heavy songs, The Worker has three tracks with a little more industrial influences and The Dreamer sounds a bit more melodic. Singer Bertrand grunts, but also uses his clean voice. The grunting is o.k., alhough not very special, but his clean singing should improve or the band has to look for an alternative. Not a bad album, but the songs don't stick. If you like Meshuggah, add some melody, clean singing, electronic, industrial and orchestral pieces to it, you get something like Grorr.

I'm not really made for this genre, but perhaps you are?

The Fighter
1. Pandemodium
2. Facing Myself
3. Oblivion

The Worker
4. Don't Try to Fight...
5. You Know You're Trapped
6. But Still Hope...

The Dreamer
07. Unique
08. A New Circle
09. Alone At Last

Label: Vicisolum Products
Distribution: Viscisolum Products
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 14 November, 2014
Website: Grorr @ Facebook