Power of Metal.dk Review

Inertial Frames
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 26 September, 2014
Playing time: 72:00

I think this is my last review and contribution to our site this year, besides thinking about which albums to put on the end of the year list. Although we haven't gotten any winter yet in the Netherlands, I'm already looking forward to the Summer and the festivals. I don't think this band Greensleeves will be a part of them, but that is not because their music sucks, but more a financial issue.

Five years after releasing their first album this progressive Brazilian metal band releases their second album in September this year. Our chief editor received a hardcopy and I got interested in the band because of their videoclip of the opening song "Fireflies" on YouTube. I think that the first song is immediately the best song (or perhaps the most catchy song) on the album, but a lot of you might think differently. That first song is well written, heavy, has fine riffs, uptempo and excellent singing of Gui Nogueira. He has a kind of sound in his voice reminding of Bruce Dickenson and in the heavier songs he is at his best. The songs that follow are less heavy and have more serene parts, have more variety, but don't really have the same impact as the opening track.

You can hear that a band like Fates Warning, but also Dream Theater are big influences for the band. "Decoding Love" starts like a Fates Warning song and because of the powerful singing (think Bruce) also reminds me of Iron Maiden. The guitar riffs are rather groovy and heavy and that makes Greensleeves a lot heavier than for example Fates Warning. For me a lot of songs are just a little too long to stay interesting till the end. "Fading Heroes" is another song I like very much, it is the fastest and heaviest track on the album and reminds me of Dream Theater's 'Train of Thought' era. The longest song "Inertial Frames of Reference" is a track in which the Dream Theater with Iron Maiden influence works o.k., but is just packed full with too many ideas. Next time make two songs out of it and I think it will even work out better.

Perhaps I'm a little too critical, and this sure isn't a bad album, but sometimes longer doesn't make things better... The music on this CD is a mix of Dream Theater, Pagan's Mind, Fates Warning and Iron Maiden and should be very interesting for the progressive metal fans to check out! 

01. Fireflies
Decoding Love
Fading Heroes
Seed of Ego
09. Lich Bride
10. Fixed
11. Inertial Frames of Reference
12. The Little Things
Label: Independent
Buy the disc: CD Baby
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 23 December, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/greensleevesfb