Power of Metal.dk Review

Blind Faith Revolver
Style: Groove/Hardcore/Metalcore
Release date: 3 March, 2014
Playing time: 42:37

Although this is Greek Furor's third album, I've never heard of them before. Nevermind, there are so many bands out there - we can't know them all! After a spoken intro which leaves me still not knowing what to expect, the Greek outfit get me really enthusiastic with the title track of the album. Powerful, hardcore, but with a nice, flowing riffage and production, and then, hey! a surprise clean vocal and clean guitar part three minutes in. This is full of promises of brutality, groove, surprising break downs and underlying melody!

Nothing For You sees Furor play a lot around with beats and it's really tight stuff, although the song as such is more traditional hardcore. I love the kind of hanging intro riff of Stinkhole Loaded, and the Greeks surprise me completely with a Nickelback twist (!). Not bad, actually.

The next three tracks are straight forward hardcore tunes, and in my book unimpressive, although probably following all the conventions for the genre.

With Black To Gray, Furor manage to touch me again with the element of surprisingly pop-like sounds, but unfortunately the vocals don't really make the grade with this song.

The last three songs of 'Blind Faith Revolver' also fall into the standard hardcore category if you ask me, and therefore they don't make an enormous impression on me.

As you can see, this is a bit of a mixed experience, although Furor impress hugely with a handful of the songs of this album - and for real fans of hardcore combined with an open mind to other genres, I'm sure this could be somewhere near the cream of the crop.

The production and mix certainly isn't what should keep you away from this album; everything is in place here. And Furor is a tight bunch, too, no doubt about that. A talented lot, these guys, I just wish they'd use it even more to give me even more surprises and play around with genres!

02. Blind Faith Revolver
03. Nothing For You
04. Stinkhole Loaded
05. Blue Screen Terror
06. Mispelled Marionette
07. Unconditional
08. Black to Gray
09. Eye Sea
10. T.R.A.S.S.
11. Undress Your Face
Label: Metal Hammer Greece
Promotion: Trail Blazer Records
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 8 March, 2014
Website: Furor @facebook