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Frank Hannon
Gypsy Highway
Style: Country Rock
Release date: 14 September, 2010
Playing time: 55:35

Earlier this year I met Frank Hannon who gave me a copy of this album, originally released 4 years ago. Although the music is far removed from Metal, I reckoned it was worth sharing my feelings on it….. 

Best known for his guitar talents with hard rockers Tesla, Frank Hannon here offers some insight into the depth and versatility of his own musical interests. “Gypsy Highway” can’t be more of a solo album: besides producing, Hannon plays almost every instrument, be it flute, banjo, acoustic guitar, hand percussion instruments, whatever......even lead vocals. All instruments are played fluently and used opportunely to fit the theme and mood of each song. 

The music is varied but it can securely be placed in the Country Rock category, with strong hints of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and The Eagles but also The Beatles, early Aerosmith and of course Tesla. Although the style is distinctly traditional, the general quality of the songs still makes for a potentially rewarding listening experience. 

As suggested, “Gypsy Highway” is autobiographical but it has themes and emotions we can all relate to. For instance in the title-track Hannon is driving along a Californian highway suppressing bitter experiences with the music he loves. Now haven’t we all done that at some point in our lives? Hannon also proves to be an effective multi-tasker when harmonising various instruments within a specific composition. ‘The Hills Of California’ is an excellent case in point. 

No two songs are alike in “Gypsy Highway”, nothing feels like a ‘filler’ and the material is as honest as it can get. What more can one want?

01. The Hills of California
02. Gypsy Highway
03. Brand New Shoes
04. After the Rain
05. Peace of Mind
06. Watch Me Fall Again
07. Let’s Go Back to Bed
08. Get a Groove On
09. Serenade
10. You’re The One
11. Sweet Southern Sound
12. Bullet From A Gun
13. The Morning Song
14. True Blue

15. Findin' My Way Home
Label: Redhawk Records
Get the disc: iTunes
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 8 August, 2014
Website: www.frankhannon.com