Power of Metal.dk Review

Natten med de levande Finntroll
Style: Folk Metal
Release date: 13 June, 2014
Playing time: 75:34

Why this wonderful live album only comes out now, six years after the date of its recording, I don't know. The thing is that now the audience can look forward to the listening of Natten med de levande Finntroll, or "The Night of the Living Finntroll".

Most of the time I wonder why on earth a band, here Finntroll, will release a live recording, even more if the trace of the show is in form of sound, that won't even be able to render the visual experience. In any case, be the live recording a CD or a DVD, the main point is that you are not here yourself, unless you were at the right place the right day and you think you can recognize your own shrieks in the audience.

So the question is: how will a recording of a past event, to which I was absent, have any interest for me?
First of all, I have to hear that the band is communicating with the audience so that I can get the impression that I am one of them.
Then, in addition to witnessing of the interactivity band-audience, I want to hear a version of the songs that is not a simple copy-paste of the studio version, or even worse, playback.

Also, the sound on the live recording has to be listenable and living to feel real and trick me into believing that I could be at the show right here right now.
In short, in order to enjoy a live recording I have to be moved into the show situation to which I didn't take part and wish to be there again and again and again for each listening through.

The great thing is, Natten med de levande Finntroll does exactly that to you. Although the songs will be known to you who have followed the band, the CD in itself gives you a whole new experience of Finntroll's early discography. The set is a fury, the energy of the band amazing, the sound that of a wonderful live show.

Every little bit of Natten med de levande Finntroll was enjoyed and will continue to be. A must have for the new or experienced Finntroll adept!

01. Kitteldags
Slaget vid Blodsälv
09. Jaktens Tid
Korpens Saga
12. Trollhammaren
13. Fiskarens Fiende
14. Svartberg
15. Försvinn du som lyser
16. Midnattens Widunder
17. En mäktig Här
18. Det iskalla Trollblodet
19. Segersång
Label: Spinefarm Records
Promotion: Petting Zoo PR
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 28 June, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/officialfinntroll