Power of Metal.dk Review

It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power
Style: Death/grind
Release date: December 2012
Playing time: 36:35

99 times out of 100 I politely refuse a request to review an album that is already more than a year and a half old. Two reasons why I made an exeption, first because the band hails from my own provence and if I refused to do the review I had to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life. Second and even more important is the relevance and the quality of the music on this CD. If this cd had have been released today, my opinion about it wouldn't be any different.

Some might think that this is a young new band, but they are wrong. The band already started back in 1997 and released a demo, a MCD and a promo. In that period they gained some popularity and shared the stage with bands like Deicide, Gorefest and Arch Enemy. Due to line-up changes in 2006, only founding member Douwe Talma (drums) remained as original member. In 2007 he started recording this full-length album, but due to a whole bunch of tribulations, which caused a lot of delay it was finally finished at the end of 2012. Together with befriended musicians made this possible. Although the songs were written and recorded over quite some years, you can't hear that in any way.

Immediately with the first song the immense tight drums of Douwe strikes me. Next are the vocals of Jitse Schregardus that protrude, the man has a very aggressive singing style and he sounds a bit like a mix of Henri Sattler and Jeff Walker. The songs are very riff oriented and the music can best be compared with what the band Carcass did and does. The technical riffs and the musical texture of the songs make me think a lot of the 'Heartwork' era and if you like the new Carcass album, you like this one also. Is this Enraged album just a good copy of Carcass, or is it more. Well, the band has a lot in common with them, but I would not say that they are a one on one copy, they are more melodic, but that this band is the main influence... yes!

The production took place in the Split Second Sound studio and was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Textures), he gave the album a very modern and tight sound. Besides the rather dry, but very fast and tight drums of Douwe Talma, the other instruments are filled in by rather known and skilled musicians as well. The guitars by Jens van der Valk (Autumn, ex-God Dethroned) and on bass guitar Tjaard Walstra (Leaper's Path, Act of Pain). Douwe also asked some known (foreign) metal musicians for some guest parts. You can hear guitarsoli of Jos Hendriks (Disintegrate) on "Confabulated to Defile", Andy la Rocque on "Confusion", James Murphy on "Dictated by Misanthropy pt. II", Christofer Malmström on "Below the Surface" and acoustic guitars on "Respice Finem" by Pieter Oevering (Polter).

If you are into rather technical grinding death metal and bands like Carcass, God Dethroned and Death sound like music to your ears, don't hesitate to check this out.

01. Confabulated to Defile
Global Conspiracy
Dictated by Misanthropy pt. II
Below the Surface
Tribulations Climax
Intolerable Misconduct
Respice Finem
09. The Cleansing
Label: Independent
Distribution: info@enraged.nl
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 3 May, 2014
Website: www.enraged.nl