Power of Metal.dk Review

Emil Bulls
Sacrifice to Venus
Style: Alternative Modern Metal
Release date: 8 August, 2014
Playing time: 53:00

I have never searched for an album by this German band and in my memory I haven't really listened to any of their albums either. This is rather strange when you notice that they have already existed for 20 years. This is their ninth album and they play a kind of alternative nu-metal style with some hardrock, metalcore, emo and punk influences. Listening to some older stuff, they are a little less heavy on this new album and I think they focus more on a younger audience. Youth in the age of 15 - 18 are in my opinion their main goal listening to the new tracks. There are a lot of melodic pieces with clean singing, varied with modern metalcore, aggressive stuff with nice breakdowns and riffs. The heavier parts have a certain groove in them and I have no problem listening to that.

Singer Christoph v. Freydorf uses his screaming aggressive voice during the heavy parts and some very modern metal influences are added like for example in "Pants Down". In contrast to that a song like "I Wanne Feel You" sounds very radio friendly and will certainly be liked by the younger fans. For those who like it heavier there is luckily a faster and heavier track like "The Way of the Warrior" although the refrain is a bit more melodic again. "The Reckoning" is more in the style of the earlier albums; very aggressive and with some groove and I have to admit that the melodic refrain sounds o.k. "The Age of Revolution" is again a very commercial song with a big sing-a-long atmosphere. The same can be said about the rather wimpy song "Gone Baby Gone". After that "Man or Mouse" is again heavier and with "Keep on Dreaming" they continue that path. The finishing song starts with an interesting slow groove, but can't stay interesting during the over 6 minutes.

This album is a kind of 2 faced, the band wants to be heavy, to keep these fans satisfied, but on the other hand they try to please those who like it melodic and more commercial also. If you like it catchy and heavy with a modern groove, you should check them out.

01. The Grave
Pants Down
I Wanna Feel You
Rainbows and Butterflies
The Way of the Warrior
The Reckoning
The Age of Revolution
09. Sacrifice to Venus
10. Gone Baby Gone
11. Man Or Mouse
12. Keep On Dreaming
13. Behind the Sun
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 August, 2014
Website: www.emilbulls.de