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Edison's Children
The Final Breath Before November
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 16 December, 2013
Playing time: 79:00

It's difficult to know where to start when reviewing this utterly unique (at least in 2013) album from Edison's Children. Their sophomore album, "The Final Breath Before November", is both atmospheric and focused. It's eerie, yet strangely beautiful. It leaves a shadow over your mind, but somehow feels clear and clean, too.

Edison's Children wowed the prog community back in 2011 with a stunning debut album. Their sophomore effort, however, disappoints by no means. Their Floydian atmospheres mix perfectly with their efforts at eclecticism, both in instrument choice and structure. Honestly, I was quite impressed from beginning to end, even though this is a lengthy album, including a final multi-track song that is over an hour long. Is all of this a problem? No! It doesn't bring the album down at all.

This, my friends, is interesting music. I said earlier that it is quite atmospheric. Yes, much of the album is very mellow and drenched in personality and aura. It contains layers and layers of sound and melody that will send shivers down any prog fan's spine. However, the band knows how to structure an album expertly, too. After a few shorter, foundational tracks; the band delves right into their "epic" without any hesitation. It is grand. It is synthy. And it is elegant. Yes, that's the word. This album is elegant in a dark and channeled fashion.

This album features amazing guitars that are meaningful. That's one of the first impressions I had. The solos especially are incredibly well-composed and full of soul. However, my favorite part of this album is the presence of synth. This adds a delicious contrast to the classic vibe of the guitar with its fluid strength and its quirky, addictive tone. Solos abound, too, of which I'm a huge fan. "The Final Breath of November" also features one of my favorite drummers, Henry Rogers of Touchstone and DeeExpus. His mix of technicality, melodic support, and amazing fills is so very welcome on this album, and he serves as yet another layer of sound that stands out on its own. "Silence Can Be Deafening, Part II" is especially indicative of Rogers' skill as he opens the throttle wide at the end. Imagine this, melody + haunting atmosphere + expert drumming. It's a combination I really can't resist, and it's what you will experience along the journey that is this album.

The creepy themes are somewhat put on the backburner, honestly, as most of the album is instrumental. However, we do get ideas of metamorphosis and the like. It's almost scary, but more like intriguing and mysterious. This ingenious album readily deserves the praise it has gotten, and is definitely a keeper from 2013. Arcing, masterfully crafted, and proggy to its core; Edison's Children's "The Final Breath Before November" is a winner.

01. The Final Breath


Light Years
  i. Fading Away...
03.  Silhouette
   i. Silence Can Be Deafening (Pt I)
Welcome to Your Dreamland
 iii. Where Were You?
 iv. The Longing
 v. The Moriphlux (Pt I)
 vi. I Am Haunted
 vii. What Do You Want?
 viii. The Seventh Sign
   a. the wrong
   b. the alcolyte
   c. the hollows
   d. the road (less traveled)
 ix. The Morphlux (Pt II)
 x. Silence Can Be Deafening (Pt II)
 xi. Welcome to Your Nightmares
 xii. Music for End Credits
Label: Random Disturbance Records
Distribution: Random Disturbance Records
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 24 January, 2014
Website: www.edisonschildren.com