Power of Metal.dk Review

Living Mirrors
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 15 February, 2013
Playing time: 55:35

When I first heard about Disperse, I thought they would be just another TesseracT/djent band and nothing more. It seems nowadays there are a lot of bands occupying the ground on which Disperse are treading. But it isn't that simple. Sure, the band has a clear fascination with TesseracT -- I've even seen their name spelled "DispersE" -- but they are not a clone. They have elements of TesseracT but also some of the technicality of Animals as Leaders and the cleverness of Between the Buried and Me.

Diperse sound like themselves more than anything. The band never attacks you like those other bands seem to do. They would rather invite you on a trippy ride. They are a very positive band, musically and lyrically. Look at the song titles for the proof. Sure, they use those dreaded djent riffs, but they are not as enamored with them as one might assume. They are just as apt to pull a jazz lick (see Butoh) or blow you away with melody ("Message from Atlantis" is one of many that do that). It's amazing that a young band from Poland is not trying to sound like Riverside but still has some Rush and Pink Floyd influences. Disperse is just more careful how they reveal them.

Living Mirrors is a very catchy album but also quite layered. There are soothing instrumentals along with very uplifting powerful, epic tracks. The band seem to have a very good idea of what they want to do. Hopefully they smooth out their djent edges, because there's so much more they can do. Living Mirrors is an album that grows on you and is one you can readily put on when you aren't sure what you want to listen to. It always delivers! I'm looking forward to more from Disperse.

01. Dancing with Endless Love
Enigma of Abode
Profane the Ground
Message from Atlantis
Universal Love
Be Afraid of Nothing
Unbroken Shiver
Touching the Broken Cloud
12. Choices Over Me
13. AUM
Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 86/100
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 23 August, 2014
Website: disperseband.bandcamp.com