Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 15 September, 2014
Playing time: Total playing time

When I started reviewing for this website, I hoped I would find some newer bands I could check out and review, with the goal being to find one of the next great bands. Dioramic got onto my radar strictly because of being on the same label, Pelagic Records, as The Ocean. It seemed like a good fit for me. What I didn't expect was a new band as good as these guys are. Their album "Supra" sounds more like a band that's been at it for a long, long time. Dioramic is a band that's actually unique sound-wise. Sure, they have their influences: Tool (without the filler), Between the Buried and Me (if BTBAM took ADD medication) and maybe even TesseracT (without the djent), but they don't really sound like any of them. It's hard to find a band that's truly unique nowadays. Sure, many new bands make a claim to be different or unique, but often they are just a variation of someone else. But now there's Dioramic.

The first track "Xibalba" has some heavy, powerhouse riffs along with clean and harsh vocals, but it also twists and turns with time changes and tempo changes. Dioramic can even make 4/4 time very interesting. "Carpets on the Walls" works well as a shorter, punchier number that might do well on heavy metal radio - great hooks and a great chorus. Another track that might work as a single is the almost poppy "Worth." It has everything a great pop song should have, but it also goes flying off the rails in the middle with an oft-kilter, screaming bit of insanity. Then it quickly moves back to that amazing pop chorus. It's also the longest track at 6:16. These guys don't believe in long songs for the sake of it; the songs seem to be as long as they need to be.

"Melancholia" is a three-and-a-half minute bit of calm, space rock complete with keys and echoed vocals. "Logbook" is kind of like Muse - if Muse were heavy and screamed! There's a nice Queen-like moment toward the end of "Logbook" that brings a smile to my face every time. "Vortex Reflex" rounds out the album as the first single/video, with a chorus that's just a guitar riff. Once you hear the song a few times, you will be air-guitaring that riff!

At around 43 minutes, some people might think the album is short. I would rather have a band write and record 43 perfect minutes than inject it with unneeded filler. Besides, they need to save some greatness for the next album! Even the album cover is amazing, very classic 70s prog.

There isn't a wasted note to be found on "Supra." It is a brilliant album from a band I hope to hear a LOT more from. Highest possible recommendation!

01. Xibalba
Carpets On The Walls
The Calm Before
The Storm
Big Pump
Vortex Reflex
Label: Pelagic Records
Distribution: Pelagic Records
Artwork rating: 97/100
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 9 September, 2014
Website: www.dioramic.de