Power of Metal.dk Review

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Style: Alternative Metal
Release date: 30 May, 2014
Playing time: 75:17

The riders are back and this time with a double album. The first one called 'Tief' is an album like we know from this band. A mix of all the styles we are used to hear from them. Aggressive songs, touchy ones and epic tracks, lots of electro parts, everything is again there. They experiment in every song with styles they played throughout the years. There are almost no boundaries for them and that is something not a lot of bands can say. Fans will not look the other site if the band does something unexpected or unusual. This must be a real blessing for the band.

Folk parts, electronic elements, a grunt, everything is possible and Die Reiter has the ability to put all the elements in songs with a head and a tail. The first part 'Tief' can be compared with the 2008 album 'Licht', if you like that one you will love this one also. The second CD called 'Tiefer' has a few re-recorded songs and is for the biggest part accoustic. If you like tender and emotional tracks, you will need a few handkerchiefs for sure. The song "Das Paradies" sounds really Rammstein like, especially because of the Fuchs' singing. Along-side the more emotional tracks there is also a real party song like "Friede sei mit dir" with wind instruments and also "Auf die Liebe" is a rather happy song. Both songs put more balance to the album.

Both CD's show that Die Apokalyptischen Reiter is a mature band and it doesn't matter what style they choose, everything they touch turns into gold.

Freiheit Gleichheit Brüderlichkeit
Wo es dich gibt
Was bleibt bin ich
Ein leichtes Mädchen
Ein Vöglein
Es wird Nacht
Die Wahrheit
09. 2 Teufel
10. Die Welt ist tief
11. So fern

01. Die Zeit
02. Der Weg
03. Friede sei mit dir
04. Flieg mein Herz
05. Das Paradies
06. Die Leidenschaft
07. Auf die Liebe
08. Der Wahnsinn
09. Terra Nola

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distribution: Sony Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 29 May, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/reitermania