Power of Metal.dk Review

Demonic Ressurection
The Demon King
Style: Extreme Metal
Release date: 14 July
Playing time: 52:16

Demonic Resurrection are not completely newcomers. This 5-piece metal band from Mumbai, India has been around since 2000 with 4 full-length albums under their belt and has been releasing albums through Candlelight Records since 2010. They initially started as a symphonic metal band but later on progressed and invested more extreme stylings into their sound; Combining progressive, black and death metal elements, which is now the medium for their wide-ranging sound in “The Demon King”. The symphonic aspect of their music isn't entirely removed and still serves a significant part while being a good companion to the rhythm guitar - by no means a dominating component over the other instruments.

It's quite difficult to sum up the sound of “The Demon King” as it is an album that reaches far out and is frequently rigorous. There are so many creative compositions for only a single album. It gets better the further you listen to it. You'll notice a shift and a change of pace once you've reached the 4th track “Death Desolation And Despair”. The only way to describe the array of explosions that this album offers is to refer to some of its individual attributes: symphonic without overusing using the same synth effects (many variations), fast smooth riffs on the guitar with the slower riffs met with a heavy crunch, immense death grunts from high “Chuck” growls to low baritone with clean vocals that are somewhat mediocre, blast-beats aren't annoyingly overdone, there is traditional straightforward death metal mixed with technical-death and progressive features without forgetting the guitar solos. This band is also attentive to the slower songs where some finesse was required to ensure that they wouldn't appear too boring to the listener. And depending on where you are on the album, it can also be very and pompous but not overly bombastic as a whole.

When bands try to incorporate as many prevalent elements into their music, we must admit, it doesn't always work and it turns into mishmash of poop stew and confusion. When an attempt however becomes successful, the result is a product like this – top notch and grandiose. The most enjoyable tracks for me were: “Death Desolation And Despair”, “Even Gods Do Fall” and “Shattered Equilibrium”.

01. The Assassination (05:34)
02. Facing the Faceless (06:32)
03. The Promise of Never (06:07)
04. Death, Desolation and Despair (05:49)
05. The Demon King (06:38)
06. Architect of Destruction (05:35)
07. Trail of Devastation (04:26)
08. Shattered Equilibrium (05:04)
09. Even Gods Do Fall (04:53)
10. The End Paradox (01:38)
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: 21 July, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/DemonicResurrection