Power of Metal.dk Review

Demian Heuke
Style: Instrumental Guitar
Release date: 4 June, 2014
Playing time: 43:31

Demian Heuke is a German guitarist with several years’ experience of playing with Metal bands, amongst which are Ravage (Ger), The Aura, N-Jected and Signs Of Wear. He has also played in fellow guitarist Adrian Weiss’ band and is one half of the acoustic guitar duo My Own Seasons. Frankly, most of these names are obscure to me but it does indicate that Heuke has had several opportunities to hone his craft. As indeed he has.

After having listened to “Treumal” for some time now, I think that the album’s strongest point is its listenability, despite the inherent barriers of being an instrumental guitar album. You can easily dream about a story unfolding to the ‘soundtrack’ of whichever track is playing. And that’s a skill even the best guitarists sometimes struggle to master.

From the furiously aggressive to the unconventional tempo changes to the mellow to the shred to the compelling arpeggios of an acoustic guitar, Heuke resorts to a wide range of styles and sounds but he does it in a way that is pleasant to listen to. “Treumal” does have its imperfections but on the whole this is definitely an enjoyable album.

Throughout 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering a handful of excellent solo guitar debuts and I’m more than happy to add the name of Demian Heuke to that list.

01. 30 Balloons
02. This Is Now
03. Jimmy
04. Alive
05. Iced Kingdom
06. Funky Valentine
07. Treumal
08. Astronomy
09. Just Breathing
10. Diminished Wind
11. Suffering
12. Daily Settlement
Label: Independent
Buy the disc: Demian Heuke @ Bandcamp
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 31 December, 2014
Website: www.demianheuke.com