Power of Metal.dk Review

Delirium Tremens
Read My Fist
Style: Thrash 'n' Roll
Release date: 11 April, 2014
Playing time: 41:20

First of all, this is much more thrash than rock n roll, so I cannot agree with the 'thrash n roll' label. The opening few songs are a very good blend of the two genres, but after that it quickly becomes much, much more of a thrash metal album.

It kinda works but there is little new other than the elements of the album that do, successfully, blend thrash with classic rock n roll. Delirium Tremens strike me as a band that do succeed in creating an authentic raw sound, so kudos to the production too.

Some of the riffs are very, very reminiscent of the earlier Annihilator stuff and some early Metallica.

All in all, Read My Fist is a good effort worth picking up - a lot of energy from the outset. They've done well.

01. Rough Ride
02. Read My Fist
03. We'll Be Drunk Forever
04. Iron Gang
05. Rolling Thunder
06. Thrash And Be Thrashed
07. Get Fucked
08. Backyard Wrestling
09. Hey Ho Live To Rock

Kids Kick Ass
11. Let Me Die
Label: Iron Shield Records
Distribution: Pure Steel Records
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 10 May, 2014
Website: www.delirium-tremens.de