Power of Metal.dk Review

Down in the Depth of Sickness
Style: 'Tramp' Thrash Metal
Release date: 28 April, 2014
Playing time: 54:14

Down in the depth of sickness is where I found myself after listening to this album. An awful, embarrassment to metal by a band who - for most of the album - sound like they have only just picked up their instruments and after a month of trying to learn how to play have recorded something just for the sake of it. It is horrendous. The recording is awful - everything is recorded completely out of proportion. The vocalist sounds like he is reading from an autocue, not that you can understand a word.

The guitar solos, for the most part, sound more like an old dial up modem. Only the drummer sounds like he has at least got some experience. I don't know whether since this album was recorded he has taken that experience and ran. I hope so. This isn't one for the CV.

There are elements in some 'songs' (a word I use here in its broadest term) that have blatantly ripped off Metallica riffs from parts of 'Disposable Heroes' and very obviously 'Whiplash'. The latter rip off can be swiftly identified on their 13th track 'When You're Feeling', to which I have to add '.....like ripping off a classic metal riff'. Mind you, even successful bands can get away with ripping off classics. Airbourne have made a whole career out of it, so nobody is going to notice this band unless they make the mistake of buying the album.

It's a re-issue too. Apparently this band formed in 1986 and I have no idea when this was originally recorded. I was 5 back then, and I probably could have been on the album hitting a few power chords and been able to call these guys my peers. I can't imagine why the band would not want to let this album stay in the obscurity it so desperately needs to be left in. Fortunately, there was no promo material sent with this one so there is no website that I can find, though there are a few videos kicking around on Youtube. In the spirit of fairness I had a look. Same storey. It's to be avoided.

The only reason this album gets even 10 is because of the female vocalists at the end of the album. It finishes a diabolical experience with a 30 second clip called 'Fate La Nanna Coscine Di Pollo' which I am guessing loses something in translation because it means 'take a nap little chicken thighs'. It's a welcome, brief, but at least listenable moment on the album. Completely out of place - it's like putting Paul Gilbert on a Cradle Of Filth album, but at this point I am losing the will to live so anything goes and I am almost thankful to Deathrage for this one brief moment of peace.

Lastly, painfully, is the fact that it is just shy of an hour long. Avoid this like the plague. This isn't an album, it's a punishment to force on your worst enemies. Vomit for my ears. The title, at least, is appropriate.

01. D.I.T.D.O.S (intro)
02. Nobody Was Here
03. Suicide Age
04. A Price To High To Pay
05. Who Knows?
06. La Nausee
07. Perfect Crime
08. This One's For Our Friends
09. Me And My Four Walls

It's Just a Mistake
11. A Man in Disguise
12. Tribal Approach
13. When You're Feeling
14. Starship In The Garden
15. Pane, Salame e Maionese
16. Be Cool Man
17. Man
18. Fate La Nanna Coscine Di Pollo
Label: Punishment 18 Records
Distribution: Punishment 18 Records
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 10 May, 2014