Power of Metal.dk Review

Daydream XI
The Grand Disguise
Style: Progressive (Power) Metal
Release date: 27 September, 2014
Playing time: 77:00

Brazil delivers more and more good bands and a lot of them play music in the progressive/power metal corner. This Daydream XI is another one and after releasing an EP and a single this is their debut. Not a lot of bands start with such a good debut and although some might say that it isn't really original because the band uses influences from bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater, Kamelot and some Angra, they have my blessing. The songs are well written, well arranged, very variable and with nice melodies. On top of that a singer that immediately can be added to the top 10 of progressive/power metal vocalists. Tiago Masseti (vocals, guitars) sounds a bit like Russel Allen and a younger Coverdale (in the bluessier parts) and there are sure worse singers to be compared with. Another band I had to think of a few times is the not very known band Outworld and to make the music complete they sometimes add some 70's Deep Purple kind of keys.

The first track with a bombastic opening sets the tone and the Symphony X influences  and singing style are recognized. The typical rhytmn in the second track (with some 70's keyboard parts) make me think of (who still knows that fabulous band) Maraya in their 'No Hope For Humanity' period. "Watch Me Rise"is a faster more chaotic starting track with a nice drive, sometimes slowed down by melodic singing parts. "The Age of Sadness" is a slower more melodic track with Angra references. "Wings of Destruction" sets off like a track from the first Dream Theater album with very tight drumming and the same kind of atmosphere, "Phoenix" is one of the most straight forward tracks with a nice riff, a contagious melody and a nice almost AOR sounding refrain. Songs with a title "Alone" need most of the times no comment on what kind of style they are and indeed you guessed it. Every good album needs a ballad and with this track they fill that need.

After over 50 minutes you keep asking for more and might be a bit dissappointed when you see that there is only one song left, but no worries. Your hunger for more will be filled with the final tunes of the over 23 minutes of "The Grand Disguise". A variable track in which every strong point of the band passes by. Starting with an epic bit orchestral atmosphere the song carries on in Dream Theater riffing mode, switches over into an emotional serene part and changes into a more threatening piece sounding like Symphony X. After 7 minutes some choir singing enters the song and excellent soli pass by. I'm still not halfway thru the song and I could carry on telling you what happens next, but I think it is better that you just experience this journey yourself. Not a lot af bands are able to write such a long song without loosing the grip and the focus on the songwriting.

A Job well done and I now quit writing and start listening at the beginning to enjoy the 77 minutes ride once more.

01. Keeping the Dream Alive
Like Darkness Rules the Night
Watch Me Rise
The Guts of Hell
The Age of Sadness
06. Wings of Destruction
About Life and It's Ending
09. Zero Days
10. Alone
11. The Grand Disguise
Label: Power Prog
Distribution: Power Prog
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 24 September, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/daydreamXI