Power of Metal.dk Review

Dave Evans
Nothing to Prove (EP)
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 3 March, 2014
Playing time: 18:56

Dave Evans was AC/DC’s very first singer and a YouTube search will even give some video clips of the time he fronted the now legendary Aussie rockers. Last year Dave toured the UK and before he went back home he recorded these 4 tracks. Anyhoo, enough trivia now and onto the music…..


…..which is basically good old anthemic, Blues-driven Rock, dense with catchy riffs, loud guitars and a solid beat. Not a whiff of a ballad, therefore, and the guitars seem to have a distinct NWOBHM sound to them. Dave’s voice is not going to floor you but still his singing is  both grating and gratifying.


‘Put up or shut up’ deals with timeless Rock ‘N Roll themes of betrayal and revenge with music that, appropriately enough, makes you want to raise your fist and let that pent-up frustration all out. ‘I Believe’ has strong hints of Kiss, though a bit rougher at the edges. A great rhythm section with some excellent guitar soloing characterises ‘Reach For The Sky’. ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, on the other hand, is a Metal version of a Blues classic made famous by Muddy Waters, amongst many others. A good cover, that last one.


So there you have it, a handful of tracks with all the songwriting clichés of Hard Rock that won’t change your perception of this music genre. On the other hand, the EP’s title very much counters that and also hints at the general spirit of these 4 songs. My appetite is whetted…..can we have some more please?

01. Put Up or Shut Up
I Believe
Reach for the Sky
Baby Please Don’t Go (Big Joe Williams cover)
Label: Rocksector Records
Distribution: Rocksector Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 27 February, 2013
Website: Dave Evans @ MySpace