Power of Metal.dk Review

Crystal Eyes
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 25 July, 2014
Playing time: 38:22

Crystal Dream, Ball, Castle, Tears, Angel, Viper and there certainly are a lot more bands starting their name with Crystal. Crystal Eyes started in 1992 and has already delivered 6 albums which makes this their 7th.

From the first track to the last these Swedes deliver well written songs, but very much based on the eighties style we know from Iron Maiden. Also bands like Judas Priest and influences of a younger band like Hammerfall can be heard. The opening song "Killer" has a nice refrain and that is also a big surplus for this band. Several songs have the typical Maiden-like bass lines, with the early eighties guitar sound and harmonies added. Listen for example to the track "Warrior". Mikael Dahl has a variable voice, from the mid-section to very high screams. The music can't be called original, but the execution is good.

If you like well produced NWOBHM based melodic power metal with nice refrains or should I say a mix of Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray and Hammerfall you will not break a leg listening to this.

01. Killer
Hail the Fallen
Solar Mariner
Forgotten Realms
Spotlight Rebel
The Lord of Chaos
Dreamers on Trial
09. Dogs on Holy Ground
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 24 July, 2014
Website: www.crystaleyes.net